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The Haze Craze
You might have noticed a Hazy IPA or two appear in your favourite breweries repertoire lately. The flavours pop, the hops shine & you don’t get the bitterness that comes with some other styles. But what makes them hazy and is the haze craze here to stay?
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Find your perfect match
We’ve teamed up with Gourmet Direct to pair a specially curated recipe with a drink to match.
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Japanese Artisan Gin - Roku
Every aspect of Roku Gin is crafted by Japanese artisans with a centuries-old tradition of meticulous attention to detail.
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Japanese Negroni
A fiery clash of Italian and Japanese culture here, the Roku Negroni has a complex palate blending the citrus notes of the gin with the deep bitterness of orange liqueur and sweetening it all up with umeshu plum wine.
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Japanese Gin & Tonic
Roku’s Japanese gin & tonic signature serve is the perfect choice for home entertainers wanting to impress!
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Wither Hills Pinot Gris & Sausage Pizza
Wither Hills is especially good with pizza to share
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