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Halloween Hacks
Eat, drink & be scary!
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The Craft Beer You'll be Drinking This Summer

Cassels is a family-owned and operated craft beer brewing company in Christchurch. After a longstanding, family interest in brewing, Alasdair Cassels, his son Zak and son-in-law Joe Shanks started commercial brewing in 2009 with a custom-built 200L Wood Fired Brewery, one of only 2 still functional worldwide.

From their purpose-built facility at The Tannery, Woolston and with the appreciation of traditional methods, high quality local ingredients and modern technical practices, the Cassels team have been brewing noteworthy beers that bring exceptional flavour and stay true to traditional craft beer values.

New from Cassels is the the Nectaron®. It’s juicy, tropical and perfect for Summer. This NZ IPA has been hopped at multiple stages through its brewing journey. All that hoppy goodness mellows with the toastiness of NZ Ale Malt and Cassels' House Ale Strain and the result is the almighty brew you’ll be drinking all Summer!

ABV 6.1%

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Winners of The Junipers, New Zealand's Gin Awards
Super Liquor are Principal Sponsors of The Junipers, New Zealand's Gin awards and are pleased to announced the winners for 2020.
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A Little Local Lager

From Little Creatures Brewery NZ, comes Catalina Lager. A local, easy drinking drop inspired by the breweries location – Catalina Bay, Hobsonville.

The first ‘Creatures’ brewery was established some 20 years ago in Fremantle, Perth. Since then, it has opened smaller breweries around the world, including London, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore and last year, Hobsonville Point in West Auckland.

In all locations, Little Creatures aims to set something up for the community – Catalina Lager launched last year to coincide with the opening of Hobsonville Point and is named after the Little Creatures’ Hobsonville Point home in Catalina Bay.

The lager uses an American wheat base to give it a light, refreshing body for broad appeal. The rest of the ingredients, or hops, are New Zealand natives. Moutere hops are added during the boil for a smooth, bitter taste and the late hopping of Taiheke and Mosaic add notes of floral or citrus for a more tropical tasting lager. The end result has been popular that Catalina Lager is now being shipped across the country.

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The Drammys - NZ Whisky Awards 2020 Winners
The winners of the NZ Whisky Awards 2020 announced.
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The Taste You've Been Hunting For
The Kraken Black Spiced Rum has been impeccably paired to bring you two brand new pre-mixes; Kraken & Dry and Kraken & Cola.
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